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This science is for All. It is critical for the children of today to be able to live and to have a future past the 2050s. In this sense it is for all kids. This world is your world! You need it to live in. You have the power to shape it! With the FULL ICE AGE beginning in the 2050s, your survival is unlikely; unless you build the infrastructures for it. But will you do it?

You need to understand the science for it, and its imperatives. Three categories of science are critical on this front: Astrophysics, Religion, and Culture. Astrophysics opens a window to your future, Religion denies it, and Culture enables you to reach for it. I am presenting you with 30 years of research on this 3-fold front. With this triad the future is in your hand. You can know it. And you can shape it.

#1 - Science of Astrophysics

This part is easy. A large body of evidence indicates that in the 2050s time frame, the Sun will enter a type of 'inactive' state with 70% less energy being radiated. The Ice Age begins. The probability is high. The evidence is numerous. The consequences are immense.

Of course humanity can live with the consequences if the infrastructures for it are built that enable the nations outside the tropics, to relocate themselves into the tropics, before their territory becomes uninhabitable, which will happen quickly. But will it be done?

Or will humanity lay itself down to die of starvation? This default fate is inevitable if the infrastructures are not being built that are essential for the continued living in an Ice Age World. But do we see any movements on this front? No! The scene is dead. Science has been strangled. Science has become the shingle on the door of numerous political 'religions' where truth is banned.

#2 - Truth versus Religion

The truth is knowable. The political religions tell you that this is not so. They present lies as truth that serve an agenda, which you are required to accept on faith. All institutions that are devoid of truth are deadly traps, and there are many. They are known by inhuman dogmas that demand crippling obedience, and often horrific sacrifices.

The political religion of Manmade Global Warming, is a perfect example. Society is crippled by it. Science is perverted by it. Its doctrines devastate economies and sacrifice the life of 100 million people each year with the mass-burning of food. And even while the doctrines are empty of truth, the doctrines are pursued with religious zeal, guided by its self-appointed high priests, and are supported by a world-wide congregation of 'cult' followers. Nevertheless, the truth is knowable as the complete opposite of the doctrine. The re-warming of the Earth, for example, after the Little Ice Age in the 1600s till the year 2000, is physically measured to be the result of increased solar activity. It is measured in both, Carbon-14 ratios, and Beryllium-10 ratios (See for yourself). The evidence is clear. However, the evidence stands against the doctrine, thus it is staunchly ignored and covered over with postulates that are basically lies.

There are presently numerous such types of religions choking the world with false science and devastating consequences. We find many in astrophysics, economics, politics, culture, even in Christianity.

#3 - Culture: The Science of Universal Love

The fact that nothing is moving on the front of the Ice Age Challenge, which is the most critical challenge in the history of mankind, is clearly a failure in human culture. With the science being imperative, and its truth blocked by religiosity, our love for our humanity should break the log jam and get things moving. But this isn't happening. The type of universal love appears not to exist in society at the present time, both for itself and for its children.

We are looking at a human failure here on a wide an universal front. Universal love should prompt the needed action that would guarantee the continued existence of society past the phase shift of the Sun to its normal glaciation conditions, which has been the normal state for the last 2 million years. It appears that the breakout from the trap of small-minded thinking may have to start here. In terms of universal love, the Ice Age appears to have already begun. The humanist fire has become too dim, the landscape too frozen.  In short, the survival of humanity, in the near term, may largely depend on the development of universal love for one-another and for our common, universal humanity, as a principle, and as a foundation for brining truth back into science. Love can have this effect.

The triune principle

Like a tripod can stand secure on rough terrain, so civilization stands secure on the triune foundation indicated above, of science, truth, and love. Of course this triad needs to be build by all humanity, not only by the children who are most-directly required to meet the Ice Age Challenge that has been buried with denials and lack of interest.  The life of the world's children is at stake in the present, because the required infrastructures cannot be built over night. 

The children are standing at the starting gate! Do they wish to live past the 2050s? Their future lies literally in their own hands. Mainstream science won't help them on this path. It is tied into knots with a wide range of deadly religions. The future of the children depends largely on their action to raise up truthful science and a truthful world.

The potential still exists, at the present time, for humanity to create itself an amazingly bright and boundless new world that the Ice Age Dynamics cannot touch. The potential remains within reach. But will it be realized? Time is running out.

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