Nuclear War  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

In the face of the Ice Age before us


How do we recover our decapitated humanity?
How do we prevent nuclear war?


A video exploration by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Ice Age before us cannot be avoided, but we can avoid facing it with a closed mind and with decapitated science, by which we are doomed, as surely as we would be doomed by nuclear war, and are doomed by economic collapse and depopulation policies.

The decapitation od science has been imposed on us by the masters of empire, the masters of the oligarchic system, who have kept humanity in chains throughout history as a means to enable the looting and enslavement of humanity. With the Ice Age fast approaching, this historic trend is forcing the world into a completely avoidable existential crisis, which ironically, is rarely even recognized to exist. And so, the world remains asleep and mired in impotence as the criminals of empire would have it for their gain. However, this fate of universal doom does not need to be our destiny. When we take the shackles off science a whole new world unfolds in which society discovers it real inherent humanity and its power to shape its destiny towards a renaissance of profound freedoms.

Due to the length of the two videos, selected parts of it have also been produced as separate videos, listed below, which have their own separate transcripts.

The video presentation consists of two parts that logically belong together. 

Part 1 deals with recognizing the trap that has been erroneously accepted.
Part 2 explores what is involved in discovering the real dimension of science that the decapitation had kept hidden. 

Part 1 run time: 1 hr 14 min 

The video is presented online and is available for free downloading, including in a high-resolution format that is suitable for theatre presentations.

Comprehensive transcripts, with all the video images included, are also available on the online-viewing and downloading page.

Link to the online-viewing and downloading page.

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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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