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Yes, we commit mass-murder with biofuels

The mass-production of biofuels from high-nutritional foods, such as the production of ethanol and biodiesel, have become the driver for a worldwide food crisis that has become the greatest holocaust of all times.  

The massive burning of food in the face of a billion people 'living' in chronic starvation, especially in times of poor harvests under drought conditions, is resulting in a silent holocaust of mass murder, - a genocide demanded for the depopulation of our planet from the present 7 billion world population to less than 1 billion people remaining alive when the target is reached. Nuclear war is a companion of the depopulation policy. Like the enforcement of biofuels, it is by intention an extermination war. 

The biofuels project for the mass-burning of food in a starving world is a typical aspect of policies flowing from the 'sewers' of the oligarchic system of the ruling empires where humanity is despised and feared as a danger to the system. The resulting travesty has grown to gigantic proportions. The food resources that are diverted to biofuels production in the USA alone, to be burned in cars, could have provided 1,200 calories of nutrition for more than a thousand million people of which probably a hundred million are committed to an agonizing death by starvation each year.

A society that champions this holocaust of utter inhumanity has lost its soul, and with it the foundation for its civilization, even for its own survival.

Yes, the biofuels project is a critical social issue, because of its human tragedy. It is also a vast financial and economic drain as the biofuels cycle produces almost no energy gain overall, but increases pollution that affects human health, and in addition nearly doubles the resulting carbon emissions. It all adds up to a tragedy on a wide front, especially on the spiritual front as it destroys our humanity, for which, fortunately, solutions are possible via my NAWAPA-22 project proposal.

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