Nuclear War Video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Nemesis Myths: Nibiru, Planet-X, etc.

Myths that may kill you as they hide the real danger:
 nuclear war, food collapse, economic disintegration,
depopulation and the near New Ice Age 

No astrophysical evidence exists for the mythical planet Nibiru, also called Planet-X, to be anything else but a fantasy, and an object of pure fiction that sells apocalyptic fairy tales. It simply doesn't exist, and not existing, it won't cause havoc on the Earth as many people believe it will. But even if it did exist, it would likely be far less dangerous to humanity than the now impending nuclear war, an extinction war by intention, under the depopulation doctrine for 'reducing' the human population of our planet from the current 7 billion to less than 1 billion, the ideal genocide from bringing back the 'golden age' of feudalism that the oligarchy of empire idealizes as its saviour from the normal development of humanity that the oligarchic system cannot survive. Apocalyptic mythologies have the effect of disabling the normal cultural progression and perhaps to enable a greater acceptance of nuclear war.

In this context the doomsday predictions, of which there are many, pose a grave danger to humanity, which is actually a vastly greater danger than most of the doomsday predictions themselves, because the doom that humanity has prepared for itself with its numerous intentions from war and economic collapse, in the face of the Ice Age Challenge now before us, pales the mythical doomsday predictions into insignificance. These modern intentions for doom are real. They stand undefeated to date, while the Ice Age Challenge is generally deemed not to even exist, as a means for increasing the doom.

Run time: 37 min

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