Nuclear War  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

We do have the power to direct our destiny,


even in the face of the Ice Age before us,
unless nuclear war is allowed.


A video exploration by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

When humanity recovers from decapitated science that has forged a closed mind in many respects, it will no longer be doomed by the New Ice Age before it, as it presently is. Humanity will then discover vast aspects of the astrophysical universe that in the current small-minded world are deemed not to exist. With advanced discoveries humanity will be able to prepare the world for the coming Ice Age and its extreme consequence, with vast new infrastructures for the world's food supply and for human living that appear miraculous today, but which are possible, and therefore will be created if we get past the games of oligarchy and empire, and their coveted nuclear war, because then, as humanity gains its freedom, it will have recovered its will to live and its power to be a creator and producer of everything that human living requires.

With the decapitation of science removed, and nuclear war and empire being decapitated instead, a whole new world of grand potentials then unfolds before us, in which we begin to exercise our power as human beings to direct or destiny. To illustrate the contrast between the current submission to imposed destiny by cultural decadence, and the freedom we have to direct our destiny, the video presentation has been produced in two parts as two separate videos, which also have their own separate transcripts.

Whereas the video of the first part deals with the dawning recognition of the trap that has been erroneously accepted by society, Part 2 explores what is involved in discovering the real dimension of science that the decapitation doctrine had kept hidden. 

Part 2 run time: 2 hr 49 min 

The video is presented online and is available for free downloading, including in a high-resolution format that is suitable for theatre presentations.

Comprehensive transcripts, with all the video images included, are also available on the online-viewing and downloading page.

Link to the shared online-viewing and downloading page.

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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, BC, Canada - (C) in public domain - producer Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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