New Ice Age - educational video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (free download)

Breakout to Freedom
to meet the Ice Age challenge

part 1

- From imperial cultural entrapment to freedom -
a full length feature presentation 


we depend on the botanical world for our very existence - the world of plants where nearly all of our food resources are located? How do we protect this treasure when the snow no longer melts? How do we protect the living sphere on our planet as a whole when the Sun becomes inactive? 

We can meet this challenge as human beings if we develop ourselves scientifically, technologically, and economically to the degree that is inherent in our humanity. On this basis we can maintain the physical foundation for our existence. We can do this on the platform of active continuous development? No form of passive protection is possible. The passive approach is self-deception. But will we be able to break out from the chokehold of self-deception?

Right now the needed break-out is intentionally prevented by the masters of empire who aim to keep humanity small, docile, easily controllable with poverty, crippled with impotence, terror and war.  The very survival of humanity on this planet, and not only civilization, depends on society breaking away from the forces by which it is doomed. We do have the power to reach for this freedom, to create a new human direction, and with it develop the biological sphere, especially the botanical sphere, together with developing ourselves

The video explores the dynamics for actively breaking away from the chokehold of empire as a critical component of meeting the Ice Age challenge.

total run time: 2 hr 01 min 

The video is presented online and is available for free downloading, including in  high-resolution format that is suitable for theatre presentations.

Comprehensive transcripts are also available, with all the video images included, on the online-viewing and downloading page.

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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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