New Ice Age - by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Electrically Powered
Nuclear Fusion

The Sun is a plasma sphere with electric nuclear fusion on its surface


We have wrapped two theories around the Sun. Both are incomplete. Evidence suggests that the Sun cannot be a sphere of hydrogen gas, nor can it be heated from within by nuclear fusion. The evidence points to a plasma Sun that is electrically powered and supports an intense nuclear fusion process on its surface that has synthesized all the atomic elements in the solar system. The radically new concept closes the door on the Big Bang creation myth and provides a new platform for electric energy production on earth, beyond the burning of nuclear fission and fusion fuels.

The video presentation, Our Electric Fusion Sun, presents the evidence for the new breakthrough in perception, and explores the freedoms it offers and the consequences should we fail to meet its challenges.

 run time 53 min

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