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Man-made Global Warming is IMPOSSIBLE?


Much of the world fears that human activities are creating cataclysmic climate change. It used to be called global warming. In some cases it still is. For example, the increasing global drought conditions that are creating a food crisis in much of the world, are blamed on man-made global warming. But is anthropogenic climate change really possible? What do you think?

Let me propose a quiz: What do you suppose is the CO2 portion of the TOTAL climate 'forcing?' Is it 30%, 10%, 3%, 1/2%, or 10 millionth of a percent?

If you selected one of the first 4 answers, you are way off the mark and need to watch my video, Man-made Global Warming Impossible. If you selected the 5th answer you probably guessed, and so you may need to watch the video also to discover why this answers comes closest to the real dynamics that are inherently variable.

Run time 90 min

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