New Ice Age by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Ice Age of the Dimmer Sun in 30 years?

and how to live with it  


It is hard to imagine that our Sun may turn dim overnight with less than a third of its energy output remaining. This may happen in roughly 30 to 50 years from now. The dynamics are presented in the video.

With the evidence considered, the astrophysical event that looms before us in the near future, will shape the course of humanity more extensively and more profoundly than any other event in known history. 

When the stakes are so enormous, nothing justifies the slightest gambling. This means that when the Sun goes dim, and the consequences will collapse most of the world's presently existing food supply, the entire world is affected. While we have no irrefutable proof that the potential near Ice Age will happen, as this type of proof is not possible, it would be the greatest folly, and the greatest injustice by humanity to itself, to gamble the very existence of mankind on the hope that the potential Ice Age will not occur. 

The bottom line is, that we have only one real viable option before us: to move forward.

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