New Ice Age videos  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The great Ice Age  Precursors video
a full length, two hours, feature presentation 

What governs the return of the Ice Age?


No, the Ice Age isn't coming. It is already here. The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years already, with deep glaciation that piles up ice sheets up to 13,000 feet deep that typically cover all of Canada and extend into the northern U.S. States. These enormous effects require enormous causes that have been historically ignored, primarily for reasons that the ice age cycles have been poorly understood in the past. New discoveries have been made that open up a new perspective of the ice age dynamics and our relationship with it. 

Historically the ice age cycles have been deemed to have a mechanistic cause, resulting from long-term variations of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, with the Sun being regarded as a constant factor. However, with advancing discoveries in electro-astrophysics, it becomes glaringly obvious that the Sun is far from being a constant factor and is itself the cause of the ice ages. Evidence suggests that the electro-dynamic resonance on the galactic scale, which causes the ice ages, has secondary effects on the orbit of the Earth that have been falsely regarded as causative. The video presents the ice age cycles in the context of electro-astrophysics and the 'small' effects that are already visible.

total run time: 2 hr 10 min 

The video is presented online and is available for free downloading, including in a high-resolution format that is suitable for theatre presentations.

Comprehensive transcripts, with all the video images included, are also available on the online-viewing and downloading page.

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