In love with our humanity: New Ice Age -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

New Ice Age may begin in 30 Years

The evidence is strong 
the challenge is existential

The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years, interspersed by brief interglacial periods where the Sun remains active, continuously, as in the current such period that is now ending. It could end in 30 years when the Sun goes inactive with 70% less radiated energy, for long intervals .  Then the territory of all the northern nations, such as Canada, Russia, most of Europe, and so on, become uninhabitable in the space of possibly a single year. 

A great challenge opens here before us: to maintain a 7 to 10 billion world population under the coming dimmer, and colder Sun. However, as human beings, we have the power to master this challenge.

In love with our humanity

We have the resources of science, technology, and culture for our means, and the boundless intelligence they express. They are the beautiful face of our humanity that the Ice Age cannot impair.

The videos on this page explore the physical evidence for the coming Next Ice Age, and the power we have with our knowledge and intellect to live under a dimmer Sun, to create new agriculture for ourselves, placed afloat onto the tropical seas for the lack of sufficient landmasses in the tropics, and to have the new agriculture serviced from floating cities with free housing, produced in automated industries by the greatest industrial revolution of all times. Shouldn't we be in love with our humanity for this capability alone? And that's just the beginning.


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Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers the Sun

The critical key issue for nuclear power production on Earth and for protecting humanity from the comming Ice Age in potentially 30 years. 

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization

A challenge that will determine the future existence of all the northern nations on Earth

New Ice Age Near - 58 parts of evidence

Ice Ages are natural in our electric universe, but not possible otherwise.

Solar Diminishment in Perspective

An astrophysical event of historic significance as evidence of the weakening solar corona.

A Celebration of the Coming Near Ice Age

The Next Ice Age is near, in the 2050s, with benefits that only an Ice Age can provide.

New Ice Age Ahead (overview)

The Earth has seen four major ice age epochs in the last half a billion years of its history. The current Ice Age epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch, is one of these. The Earth's normal climate is 30 to 50 times colder than the Little Ice Age in the 1600s had been. 

Ice Age with a dim Sun in 30 years

The astrophysical evidence tells us that the sun is not a sphere of atomic gas, but is a sphere of plasma that is externally powered by electric interaction. When the supply density diminishes, the dynamic system fails whereby the Sun turns off and glows dimly by residual heat. 

Our Electric Fusion Sun

The plasma-density threshold is critical. Below it, the electromagnetic primer fields collapse. With a 70% weaker Sun the Ice Age begins. We have to live with that, agriculture and all. The transition may be as short as a day.

It has long been believed that ice ages develop slowly over thousands of years, resulting from mechanistic causes. Modern evidence indicates, that ice age conditions unfold rapidly, virtually without warning. This may be only thirty years away. Five factors are critical, in order to understand the future before us, and to inspire actions for the future. Nearly all of humanity, currently under the age of 50, will starve to death without large-scale preparations having been started in the present for living in an ice age environment thirty years in the future.

Sequel 1: Energy Forever

The energy streams that power the Sun are also available to be utilized on Earth. They are anti-entropic. While oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy resources becoming fast depleted, cosmic electric energy, which cannot be depleted, offers us an endlessly sustainable future with constant development.

Sequel 2: Electric Planets, Sun, and Sunspots

The observed effects of planetary alignment on sunspot intensity proves our Sun to be electrically powered.


Sequel 3: Electric Earth, Electric Mars

We tend to vastly underestimate the power of high-density electric currents in plasma is space. Being 100,000 times smaller than a atom, plasma gets into everything and causes electric stress factoring. It carved the Grand Canyon, and the larger canyons on Mars, illustrating the power of cosmic electric currents.

Sequel 4: Freshwater Unlimited

In an Ice Age with a 70% weaker Sun, our conventional water resources will vanish. That's not a problem. Deep ocean reverse osmosis desalination can give us rivers of fresh water flowing by the force of gravity OUT of the oceans.

Manmade Global Warming Impossible

How strong do you suppose the CO2 portion of the TOTAL climate 'forcing' is? Is it 30%, 10%, 3%, 1/2%, or 10 one-millionth of a percent?

The series of videos is presented here explores the vast dimension of the astrophysical climate dynamics and the consequences of their effects on the Sun, the Earth, and our civilization. When the operating environment, by which the Sun is presently powered, weakens below its minimum threshold, such as now looms on the near horizon, the Sun will go 'inactive' whereby the next Ice Age begins that reflects the fundamental dynamics in electro-astrophysics that no one avoid.

Ice Age Precursors video

No, the Ice Age isn't coming. It is already here. The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years already, with deep glaciation that piles up ice sheets up to 13,000 feet deep... 

Breakout to Freedom 1

How do we break out from the Ice Age trap? How do we protect the treasure of human life when the snow no longer melts? How do we protect the living sphere on our planet? 

Breakout to Freedom 2

How do we break out from the mental trap that prevents us from responding to the Ice Age Challenge? The breakout from the trap that has been created by the masters of empire throughout the ages, is more critical now than ever.

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