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Stories of people coping with an Ice Age World serve a useful purpose only if the focus is on the present where it is still possible to respond to the challenges that the return of the ice age imposes. If no response to this challenge is forthcoming, the near extinction of humanity is assured. It makes no sense then to consider stories of people struggling to solve a crisis the by then cannot be solved, such as living with sudden glaciation conditions in the world that wipes out food production for which new infrastructures have not been built that takes decades to build up.

Since we may have only three to four decades remaining, before the next ice age begins, and this is difficult for humanity to acknowledge in the prevailing small-minded mentality, our Ice Age Stories must be stories of people struggling with themselves to raise themselves up to higher levels of humanity and caring for one another towards higher levels of creativity, culture, science, and productivity. For this reason the ice age stories must cover a wide range of concerns.

Stories about universal love

Universal Love is Freedom: the Pearl of Great Price - Boundless Horizons.

Stories focused on healing

Healing as Soft as the Spring: The Human Light - Joyous and Enduring

War Stories

War and Empire is One, and this One is the Infinite Crime - Thievery and Depopulation

Stories about sex

Sacrament with the Human Soul: Beyond Erotica - Unity in Universal Humanity 

Oh, to be King for a day!

Power to Change the World: A Lion of Courage with the Heart of a Mother 

Small, nonfiction research books

 a variety of subjects

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