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Chapter 5 - Helen a Healer

      "I'm not a traitor," I said, raising my hands with a gesture of protest.

      "Oh yes you are a traitor to your country, and the thereby the enemy of mankind," he said and almost grinned. "And I can proof it to you?" he added.

      I took my beer that the bar tender had brought. "This is going to be interesting," I said.

      The man shook his head. "That's easy! Can you name the one fundamental difference that set the USA apart from any other nation on the planet, when it was founded? And I mean something as distinctly different as black and white, and something so profound that it became known in many parts of the world as the American system. I bet you can't tell me what this is." The man raised his mug. "I think I got you on this one," he added with a smile.

      I looked down onto my beer mug as if an answer could be found there. "What do you mean with, the American System? In today's world America is the world leader in many types of systems."

      "Your ignorance proves that you are a traitor," said the man and smiled. "There are two types of economic systems in the world. Both are central to the war of empire versus civilization. There is the monetarist system of empire that every empire must defend as it is the very core of its existence. The monetarist system is a liberal system of private money estates. The system is the bastion of the modern empire's liberal, unrestrained power to loot. Everyone who has the power to do so is free to reap profit by any means possible. It's done on a similar basis as the landed feudalism once functioned. Liberal monetarism is essentially a private system of looting. It is a private method of stealing from society in clever schemes. The process expresses the dictum of empire that aims to diminish the value of the human being. It causes society to put value on money, while this process takes more than the equivalent in value away from humanity itself. It says that human productivity has little value. It says that only money invested for making money makes society rich. So be greedy, it says, and speculate. Of course the empire runs all the 'casinos' and only the empire gets rich in the process, flush with stolen loot, while society foots the bill, and becomes poor and diminished, though it is actually the creator of all the real wealth there is. The whole monetarist system is built on a lye that enables the looting of society. The American system is the opposite. It is not a system of private banks and private money estates. It is a system of banks owned by the nation for the benefit of the nation. Thus the national bank utters financial credits specifically directed to such enterprises that improve the general welfare, like productive industries, national infrastructures such as railways and power systems. Here the wealth that is produced by the productive processes that improve the living of society and uplift civilization, gives a nation's currency its value. That's the American system of economy. It is a focused credit system that functions specifically to improve the general welfare. That's the American System of Political Economy. It doesn't diminish the human being, but develops the value that is inherent in our common humanity. On this platform the USA stood as a pioneer for all of humanity. Of course you wouldn't know anything about that, because this system was destroyed on the day before Christmas in 1913, long before you were born, and was replaced on this day with the old private monetarist system of empire. The old private monetarist system of empire is obviously the only system that you ever knew. And that is why I must call you a traitor," said the man and raised his beer mug again.

      I shook my head. "You are crazy," I said to him. "How can you accuse me of something that happened long before I was born?"

      "You are a traitor, because you didn't make it your business to discover what your country represents. It was the hope of mankind. It gave value to the human being. It raised the general welfare. It defended mankind in the war of empire versus civilization. It was the light on the hill that mankind looked up to. But America gave all that away. It intentionally joined the empire, by accepting the rule of private imperial monetarism in America. America became a traitor against its own birthright. It literally joined the enemy of mankind. Is it any wonder then that World War I broke out less than a year later? You are a traitor to your country, my friend, by not fighting for your country's birthright, and by quietly abetting the enemy of mankind that diminishes the value of the human being, and is now evermore demanding the mass-depopulation of the planet. If that doesn't make you a traitor, what would? With traitors like you in the world, what hope is there left for mankind? What hope does anyone have?"

      I shook my head again in disbelief. He was right. I didn't want to hear this.

      "In order for you Americans to understand anything at all about the history of humanity and the world around you, you have to recognize that there are two opposing forces in the world that have been at war with each other for the last six hundred years," said the man. "Before that time the war of empire versus civilization was virtually unopposed. But will you ever discover that you are right in the middle of that war, and oppose it once again, before it destroys America totally?"

      He explained that "the war of empire versus civilization" as he called it, is rooted in the oligarchic, feudal tradition that maintains a privately directed system of government, which enables the rich to steal their opulent living from the labors of humanity. "They do it by clever games and special privileges," he said.

     "The other force that I spoke of," he said, "the one opposing them, is the republican spirit of humanity, which promotes the self-development of individuals and nations. The founding of America was mankind's proudest achievement on this front. Before it was destroyed, the American System had uplifted all of Europe, especially Germany. The great Bismarck reforms that had built-up Germany and had put it on the map of progress, had been an expression of your achievements. But who remembers any of it? Who is fighting to bring sanity back? And that makes me a traitor too, because I don't know how to fight to get the kind of Germany back that had reflected your republican ideals of uplifting the value of the human being. We got Hitler instead, another Trojan Horse uttered in the war of empire versus civilization."

      The man said that the greatest development period in history was the Golden Renaissance. Its focus was on the dignity of man, and on the common welfare of society. He went on to say that the unfolding new perception had been so immense at first that the powers of the Renaissance had banded together to rid the world of the last major outpost of feudalism. This happened to be the Venetian Empire, the foremost slave trader of the Old World. The man said, that this quest by the Renaissance powers would surely have succeeded had the Venetian Empire not persuaded the Pope as the head of another empire, to intervene. His intervention saved the Venetian Empire from being wiped out. From this point on, the feudal powers have been at war with the powers of the Renaissance spirit. The Thirty Years War that devastated Europe, was the first major outcome of this confrontation, and so was every war that followed, including the first and second world wars. "Even communism was created as a part of the war of empire to defeat the Renaissance spirit, that is, to defeat the self-development of humanity."

      The man tried to catch the attention of the bar tender while he spoke, but this didn't change his focus. "Carl Marx was not the creator of communism," he said to me. "Marx was a willing student who was ideologically guided by a man named David Urquhard, a British Aristocrat and specialist in the art of psychological warfare, under the direction of Lord Palmerston set up by the second Earl of Shelburne. This means that communism was the concoction of the aristocrats. The script was written in London. The project was directed from the highest levels of the British Empire. Now I want to hear you tell me that this game was invented to elevate humanity. The goal was to destroy the industrial machine of continental Europe and Russia, which had become powerful, and had thereby become a threat to the British Empire."

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