Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 15 - Clothed with the Sun.

      When the king found out about his daughter's adventures, since the people were beginning to realize who she was, he was wroth with her.

      The princess told her father that he was wrong to be angry. She told him that she had followed his own lead of removing what isolates people. She told him that if one takes away everything that is artificial, the whole of humanity would recognize itself as being one. She told her father that this outcome is inevitable, because it is based on the truth, and that the inevitable can be realized at any time if one is willing to do what is necessary to acknowledge the truth. She told her father that she had seen an image in her mind of many people embracing one-another in a dance powered by a great joy that was rooted in themselves. She told him that they had found their unity in their beauty as human beings and in their love for themselves that was blossoming into an out-flowing love for one-another.

      The king was not impressed by his daughter's logic. Nevertheless, his daughter convinced him over the space of the following months that she was right. The king became confronted with certain facts that he couldn't ignore, because the people themselves continued the practice that the princess had started. It gradually brought a greater sense of family to his kingdom. People began to respect each other more, and began to see each other more and more as human beings. They supported each other more. Soon, crime lessened and the whole atmosphere in the kingdom became enriched. But most of all, the princess became regarded by the people as one of them. This breakthrough, the king could understand and appreciate.

      With the king's consent, therefore, the princess continued her dancing on occasions of her own choosing, arriving unannounced as she had done before. At the end of the year however, at the occasion of her own birthday celebration, the princess dared once more to take the process one big step further into the open. During the entertainment portion of her birthday celebration, she danced before the king herself, unembellished as she was born, and before the king's ministers, before her guests, before the maids and the butlers, and even before the boys that looked after the king's horses. Her dance became known, affectionately throughout the land, as the Royal Dance. It was said that her dancing didn't degrade the image of royalty, that it bestowed instead onto the people who saw her dancing, a certain 'royalty' of their own.

      Within seconds after Ushi had finished telling the story, Cath got off her chair with a smile on her face, loaded a new tape into the music blaster and started to dance the Royal Dance for her friends. She danced slowly at first, and as she did, she began to take all of her clothes off to everyone's surprise. The surprise was justified, because the music wasn't designed for erotic dancing. She was dancing to the music of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet that made the scene magical as well as beautiful and exciting.

      When the music ended, as if to explain her action, Cath stood in the middle of the room and said with a smile, "the woman of mankind is the bearer of the holy hill that has the light of the world placed upon it that should not be hid. She is the cherished vestibule to heaven, the fabled horn of the boundless plenty of good, as all men surely agree deep in their heart."

      "This is the truth as far as I can tell," said Ushi in agreement. "Men love to be in heaven. Would anyone disagree?"

      Cath put another tape on as Ushi said this, and resumed her dancing without waiting for anyone to answer.

      The answer that Ushi had solicited came in the form of Cath's friends joining her dance.

      Cathleen's daring had made the party sparkle that day. Long before the music ended many of Cath's friends had joined the dance. Her husband gave her a curious look at first and didn't seem pleased by it at all, but then as the others joined in, he apparently changed his mind and suddenly joined the royal dancing himself.

      I overheard Cath saying to him while they were both dancing, "Why shouldn't we dance like this for one-another and our friends while we're still young, pretty, and exciting to look at? Why shouldn't we dance, naked as we were born?" Her husband just smiled and nodded.

      Soon, everyone was dancing the Royal Dance, Ushi and I included.

      Ushi asked Cathleen a while later, "Cath, I am curious, why had you wanted to do this at your wedding? What was your reason? Why did this idea come up as a fantasy?"

      She smiled at her and shrugged her shoulders, "I really don't know. You tell me if you can solve the puzzle. I suppose I simply wanted to do this, because I was in love with myself. Does that sound so crazy to be unbelievable?"

      "That's what I thought you might say," said Ushi and embraced her. "That's the best state that one can possibly be in, being in love with oneself as a human being." She added an kiss to her answer. "I can say this honestly out of my own experience," said Ushi. "And don't ever let this being in love with yourself die in your heart, Cathy."

      Long after the Royal Dance story had been told, Cath's daring feat had been repeated by nearly all of her friends. It was all done in good fun of course, and later even with the 'correct' music. Eventually all the men got into the act too, not to be outdone by the ladies.

      With the chopper at our disposal we had no need for hotels anymore. We camped in the most beautiful spots, miles from anywhere, surrounded at times by the great organ pipe cactuses of the desert, or by Joshua trees. Naturally, as we would awaken to greet the morning sun, we did so in the now 'royal' fashion that Cath had established, naked as we were born, becoming enveloped by the still cool desert wind.


      Her husband, who was named Peter like myself, loved the idea. In fact he became quite exited about "reverting back to something natural" as he had put it.

      Ushi told him that Cath's dance at the party had been in many ways like her own wedding dance. All of her closest friends had been present that day. She said that in her case the story was told by somebody else, a dear friend named Helen, who had hosted the wedding party and had danced the opening round of the Royal Dance herself. Ushi told him that only the music had been different in her case. Helen had chosen to dance to the Nutcracker Suite. "The music had made the dancing natural and beautiful," said Ushi with a grin. "And there, too, long before the music had ended, most everyone had joined the dancing."

      Ushi added a while later added that the idea of the royalty of an individual has a beautiful and valid meaning when it is applied universally to humanity in honor of those profound, natural, human qualities that we all share.

      Cath's husband, Peter, wasn't surprised therefore against this background, when Cath extended the trend that she had started, one more time in her own pioneering spirit.

      We had stopped at a pub one evening on the way back to our camp. The pub had a reputation of being a lively place. It was a small place, but alive with laughter and music, a gathering place of friendly people. Once every hour, erotic dancers added to the atmosphere. They drew out the smiles with their festive kind of entertainment. They made people's eyes sparkle. That's when Cathy got her 'extended' idea. The bartender agreed to inquire. Moments later Cathy was introduced on the stage as "the beautiful, the exotic, the out of this world, the star of the morning, our very own Cathleen, from our very own crowd . Give her a warm welcome," the announcer concluded.

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