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The videos presented on this website are backed up by more than a quarter century of research, exploring issues of civilization, economics, physics, astrophysics, and spiritual science, including Christian Science.

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During the early stage when the research was going on, a dozen research books were produced, and also 14 novels as a tool for exploring the spiritual dimension of our humanity. The overall project falls under the banner:

In love with our humanity

The novels include my 12-volume series The Lodging for the Rose. The series carries a single story with a single focus that is extremely challenging in nature as it focuses on the Principle of Universal Love. 

Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Books of Research by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


In the course of writing the novels it became strongly apparent that the subject of the coming Ice Age requires extraordinary attention, the kind that the novels could not achieve. For this purpose I created more than a hundred videos in recent years, many in the form of feature length videos, with a number of the most important ones produced in high-definition format suitable for school, group, and theatre presentation, to encourage a dialog in society on this existentially-critical issue. For the research videos, transcripts are provided, together with the video images.


Ice Age related videos  

Ice Age Theatre - high definition videos


As a supportive part of the video project, I have selected a number of the most-important dialogs from the novels and presented them in the form of videos. The dialog videos cover a wide range of subjects. They are available under the heading, Dialogs for Civilization.


Dialogs for Civilization 

Ice Age Stories

In addition it became apparent that a poem, which I had written for another project, correlates verse for verse with the novels in the developing progression as if the same underlying natural principle is expressed in both that gives both a common characteristic. I have combined the two in video form to introduce the novels.

I have named the video,
Fantasia in Poetry and Prose. The title of the poem is, "Harvest is Seedtime" (link to poem)

Run time 11 min 

Fantasia in Poetry and Prose (YouTube version)

Online viewing - transcript page (at:

MP4 download (27 mb file size)

Theatre high-resolution download (346 mb file size)

Most of the videos are also posted on YouTube.

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