Christian Spiritual Science video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - The Alternate Jesus  

Healing History

No man has had a greater impact on civilization than the man Christ Jesus, called the Redeemer,  whose potential real history is explored in this video presentation series.

The Empire of Rome had executed the man, persecuted his followers, and after failing for two centuries to eradicate his ideology, it reversed its position, deified the man, and made his ideology the official state religion with its history enshrined in gospels for which no corroborating historic documents exist. 

This means that all that we know about the man comes to us from the church of Rome that became established in the service of empire under its political objectives. This also means that the real history of the man lies outside the official framework, is vastly more profound, and remains yet to be discovered. 

The search for the spiritual truth is important, because civilization is not primarily the outcome of technology, or of an economy, or of a political process, but is the sum-total of all of these efficiently drawn together by a spiritual perception that raises the status of humanity and gives it a profoundly divine face. In this context true spiritual factors have a vital role to play for the protection and advance of civilization and its development, such as the unfolding recognition of truth and love. 

 run time 22 min

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 1: Healing History" begins an 8-part video series exploring what is more likely the spiritual story of Christ Jesus - an alternate to the potential historic fiction enshrined in the gospels of the church of the Roman Empire, the very empire that had persecuted and crucified the man for his ideology.


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