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Spiritual science enables a spiritual 'revolution' in humanity. Nothing less than spiritual science can enable the healing of humanity in its wide field of unhealed problems that are a fast becoming existential threats. But how can we know that we're on the correct path, the path of the pinnacle of science? We will know this, unmistakably, when our banner reads:

In love with our humanity 

At the critical front where we fall in love with our humanity, which is reflected in the state of civilization, Christian Science stands at the fore-front. It holds the potential for great healing, just as it did more than a hundred years ago when it was founded. 

In this context the principle of the academy is utilized as an exploration stage, built on the advanced concepts that Mary Baker Eddy has developed 150 years ago, and has accomplished, inspired, established, and applied to practical healing of diseases and illnesses on a wide front. 

The spiritual healing of humanity is critically important today, since the common root for all the modern crisis is the small-minded self-perception in society that has been cultivated by the social disease called the oligarchic system. The symptoms include the depopulation policies; nuclear war programs; worldwide economic collapse; and far-flung devolution in science, such as the one that hides the unfolding dynamics of the new ice age ahead. 

The healing from disease requires an elevated self-perception in humanity - an intelligent recognition of the sovereignty of the human being in the image of God, reflected in creativity and power that is inherent in the nature of man. 

Every healing task involves a spiritual process of some type. The political scene, especially, requires much healing to enable society to accept its dominion, and its freedom from the fascism of oligarchism.

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 Triply Divine Man 

Every human being is triply divine, reflecting the spiritual history of humanity, its science and it healing. On this road we face aggressive mental suggestions and impositions from the Aristotelian camp. 


The series: The Alternate Jesus

1 - Healing History

No man has had a greater impact on civilization than the man Christ Jesus, called the Redeemer. Rome had executed the man, and rewritten his history two centuries later as its gospels.  How much has been lost along the way? Can we discover what his story may have been? Civilization rides on the answer.

2 - Enthusiastic Exuberance

Was his conception a miracle of God or the result of universal love in the sacrament of soul? Conception without penetration is well within the range of the possible in a process that renders Jesus the child of our humanity, and like everyone else, also the child of God.

3a - Spiritual Academy

Was Jesus a lone pioneer or living at the center of a highly advanced group of scientific thinkers? What did he learn in 30 of travel, coming in contact with ancient cultures of scientific background, spiritual wisdom, and healing powers? Was he a God, or an accomplished scientific man at the leading edge?

3b - Model of Man

Mary Baker Eddy referred to Jesus of Nazareth as "the most scientific man that ever trod the globe." He and the people of his academy may have worked extensively with scientific models to explore the nature of, God, man, and the universe, like John's city foursquare in Revelation 21. 

3c - Trapped Children

Children are trapped in many ways, like with the circumcision that amputates a critical part for life. Jesus may have been trapped into having to play the role of the personal son of God, for his healing power.

4 - Crucifixion and Completion

Was the crucifixion stage managed in a manner he survived, to return to Kashmir? Has his "ascension" an event, or a lifelong process? Whatever the answer may be, his work was complete. He laid down a foundation on which humanity can build to create its own freedom.

5 - Books of Ancient Wisdom

What wisdom can we gain from ancient cultures with histories leading back into the last Ice Age, who survived under harsh environments? What wisdom did they bring with them? From what has been discovered, strong similarities exist between Jesus' sayings and ancient ideologies.

6 - The Academy Continues

All of the great cultures and religions have kernels of truth in them, to which Christ Jesus contributed strongly, which are also still being advanced in the leading edge Christianity as Christian Scientists.


The series: Mother's Academy
 - exploring Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy's achievements

The 5-fold divine

The video explores the first period of the development of Christian Science by its discover and founder, Mary Baker Eddy, from 1866 to 1881, focused on the great seal that she placed on her Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, spanning 400 editions. 


The Christly Biblical Adam

The biblical Adam can been seen as an allegory that unfolds many levels deep, which alters our perception of its and affects our perception of ourselves, 


Adulterous Adultery

This is about being adults spiritually, and stepping away from mental malpractice and mortal mind games to living in the divine Universe of Soul, Spirit and Principle being expressed. 


From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding

The video explores the infrastructure for spiritual discovery by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, who developed it into a monumental complex of scientific structures for the spiritual development of humanity. 


Science of the Lord's Prayer

The video explores a number of little known, but highly significant aspects of the Lord's Prayer for healing in many fields, including the healing of modern economics, with some focus on government, services, religion, and education.

Marriage on the Infinite Plain

The exploration of the subject of marriage presented here is built on a number of profound scientific aspects of Mary Baker Eddy's work that to the present day remain not only largely unknown, but are even deemed not to exist.

Christ and Christmas

Christ and Christmas is a poem by Mary Baker Eddy. It is profoundly related to the biblical 'city foursquare' in Revelation, that Mary Baker Eddy brought her entire lifework into. The video includes an extensive exploration of the 'city.' 


Science of the Decalogue:
The Ten Commandments

Video exploration of spiritual science in ancient history and its development.


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All of Mary Baker Eddy published writings, including the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, are presented free on-line at this site, together with audio versions for them, and also the Bible (KJ version) online, and numerous related studies.

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In love with our humanity

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Christian Science was established to commemorate and carry forward the work that Christ Jesus had begun and to give it a new dimension in the scientific age.  A church was chartered in its name in Boston Massachusetts that became known as the Mother Church of Christ Scientists which developed into a worldwide growing movement of branch churches in Mary Baker Eddy's time.

Her textbook on Christian Science, first published in 1875, was constantly developed by her in line with her own scientific development. By the time she laid the pen down in December 1910 over 400 updated editions had been produced. Over 10 million copies were sold, with a century of healing standing to her credit. 

Today, a century after her death, in spite of the vast publication that has occurred, only a small portion of what the Christian Science textbook contains is generally recognized and utilized. This means that the dawn of Christian Science is still only at its beginning stage. This fact gives one hope that humanity may yet develop its inner strength to lay aside war, poverty, and terror, and to meet the challenge posed by the return of the Ice Age in potentially 30 years.


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