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High-resolution videos suitable for theatres, groups, and TV; on science, culture, spirituality, universal humanity, and the Next Ice Age in 30 years, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.  FaceBook   Twitter .

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The Earth has been in an Ice Age epoch for 2 million years

the current interglacial period is ending in 30 years

California Water Crisis

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Earth Climate-History dynamics - Mechanistic Ice Age Myths - Electric Sun - Electric Ice Age - Earth Climate-Future dynamics - The O18 proof is in the pudding - Ice Age Planning is required! - Industrial Revolution in Canada

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The coming New Ice Age in 30 years poses the severest danger ever, to humanity. While the danger can be avoided with physical infrastructures, too little of it is acknowledged. This means that great cultural challenges stand before us that must be met before the physical preparation for the near Ice Age can begin. 

The cultural challenges can be overcome with wide-ranging scientific spiritual development. 

In this website high-resolution videos are presented to encourage the start of discussions of the critical aspects of the Ice Age dynamics in schools, groups, and in the public via theatre or TV presentations.

The entire series of videos is provided downloadable for free in 16:9 widescreen format, with some in high definition MP4 (h264) format for theatres and TV.  Transcripts are provided at, together with online previews of the videos.

Rolf Witzsche
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