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Faith without understanding has become a huge trap

We don't know by what reasoning Pythagoras had developed his theorem, because everything we know about him was written down centuries after he had lived. From his time to ours, several hundred different ways have been developed to prove his theorem. Most of the methods to prove the theorem are extremely complicated, which they don't need to be. As far as I know, not a single one of the published methods is as simple as the one I have presented here, built on the Meno principle that enables a person with no special knowledge in mathematics and geometry, to simply look at the problem with the eye of the mind, and thereby to discover with absolute certainty, based on a few obvious facts, that Pythagoras was right. We are able to discover this amazing proof, because the quality of reason that it results from, is built into our humanity

In the proof that I have presented here, not a single aspect of it needs to be taken on faith, whether it be faith in geometry or faith in mathematics. And this is where its value lies, because when faith takes the place of understanding, humanity is rushing into a trap. Faith without understanding has become a huge trap in modern time, on many fronts, including in critical aspects of science. 


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