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Plato is pointing upwards

Plato is pointing upwards. Aristotle, in contrast, puts humanity down, and keeps it small by saying that there exists no such thing as truth, that all is mere opinion. 

Under the banner 'In Lies We Trust,' faith in lies has unleashed a series of bitter dark ages in which civilization was destroyed and society dehumanized and brutalized.

Nevertheless the truth does exist. We find it far and wide supported with monumental evidence that can be understood with the same absolute certainty with which the slave boy in the Meno dialog proved in principle the Pythagorean theorem. Once we break away from Aristotle's trap of faith without reason and understanding, to Plato's freedom in the truth based on reason and understanding, we are on the way to the greatest renaissance of all times. This renaissance in our age would unfold as the greatest Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) for the defence of humanity that is urgently needed, which would enable us to prepare our world for the next Ice Age that is on the near horizon in potentially the 2050s timeframe. 

The resulting strategic defence of humanity based on truth built on evidence and discovered principles, would with great certainty inspire a new sense of humanity in society that would eradicate empire and its poverty, its depopulation policy and nuclear war, together with its destructive monetarism along the way, as these would fall away as lesser challenges.


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