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Plasma is rare on earth, but it is native to space

Of course it does exist. It exists in the form of plasma in space. Plasma is rare on earth, but it is native to space. Plasma is a soup made up of the two basic particles that all atoms in the universe are made of. They are named protons and electrons. Both carry a complimentary electric charge. The proton has a positive charge, and the electron a negative charge. Both particles also have a specific size and mass. The proton is 1800 times more massive. By their mass, the plasma particles have a gravitational attraction to each other and to all forms of mass. But by their electric interaction, as I said before, the acting force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger. 

However, and here it gets interesting, both of these plasma particles are extremely small. They are too small to ever to be visible. 

The largest of the two, the proton, is 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atom in the universe, and the electron is a thousand times smaller than that. These particles are simply invisible. Their invisibility qualifies them for the term, "dark matter." Nobody can see plasma. Nor does plasma ever emit light. Plasma is dark, transparent, and invisible, even while it is the primary state of all mass in the universe. 


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