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With the Sun core 13 times more dense than led

With the Sun having a core that is 13 times more dense than led, the Sun should be 1000 times 'heavier' than it is known to be. Instead of it being immensely heavy, the measured mass-density of the Sun is roughly the same as that of Jupiter. With the core of the Sun being 13 times 'heavier' than led, the measured extremely light 'weight' of the Sun shouldn't be possible.

So, were can we find the truth? The truth is fairly obvious, isn't it? It is simply not possible for the Sun to be a sphere of hydrogen gas. The measured evidence precludes this option. If one looks at the evidence with the 'eye' of the mind, only one option remains for a superlight Sun to exist. This option is, that the Sun exists as a sphere of plasma.


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