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The corona several hundred times hotter than the Sun

The corona that surrounds the Sun, extending for long distances, is known to be several hundred times hotter than the surface of the Sun below it. The solar surface is measured at 5,500 decrees Celsius, while the corona has been measured in the range of millions of degrees. How is this possible if all the heat is deemed to come from the inside of the Sun? That's an impossible paradox to solve, or is it?

Of course, for a plasma sun the phenomenon of the super-heated corona is not paradoxical. Here, the solar corona is a mixture of atomic elements flowing away from the Sun, which are agitated by the electric interaction of flowing plasma streams that the atoms encounter, such as the high-speed solar wind, and the in-flowing plasma streams. What we see here simply means, that the heating of the solar corona is not a function of the heat emitted by the Sun, but is created by its own electric, dynamic process that is a typical aspect of a plasma Sun.


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