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Almost all of the great pioneers in the world

Even the world's greatest champions for scientific progress on the entire front continue nevertheless to live with their mind and eyes closed today on the most critical issues that they do not wish to see, even in the face of monumental evidence that the universe and humanity with it, is vastly richer and more powerful than they dare to imagine. 

Almost all of the great pioneers in the world who sing the tune of science vigorously, refuse nevertheless to acknowledge that the human being has the capacity with the mind to recognize the principles that operate in the universe, and to look with this mind forward into the future to behold the unfolding of dynamic effects on the cosmic scale 30 years before the visible consequences come to pass. 

Only the human being has this kind of capacity on the Earth, but as Friedrich Schiller laments, society, in spite of its great advances, still refuses all too often to acknowledge itself as human beings. It lets the critical opportunities that open doors to great freedoms and unsurpassed creations, pass by unrealized. That's a tragedy that can be healed.


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