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Time remaining to meet the Ice Age challenge fully

We still have time remaining to us to meet the Ice Age challenge fully, to place our agriculture into the tropics, afloat on the seas for the lack of land in the tropics, together with the building of 6000 new cities for a million people each, complete with new industries, all connected with floating bridges and high-speed railways. Any lesser response amounts to society committing collective suicide.

Fortunately, it is physically possible to build all of the required infrastructures in the 30 years we have remaining in the current interglacial period, but we won't do it, if we don't get started. What hinders us in the present is the devil that is in the mind. That is what needs to be challenged. The devil is small-minded thinking, a lack of universal love for our humanity. With the mind blinded by small-mindedness, society has placed itself into a box that has become a trap. This trap is real. It has consequences, especially in astrophysical science.


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