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Kepler had discovered the result of a process

Kepler had discovered the result of a process and the principles expressed by it. However, he did not discover the forces that created the process and maintain it. The required technological capability for this advanced discovery to be possible didn't exist in his time, but it exists now.

Nevertheless, we are facing the same type of challenge today that he faced, to see with the mind, such as the recognition of plasma in cosmic space and its dynamics, which too, can only be recognized by their effects in the visible universe. And this we are capable of.

We can see with the power of the mind the great electromagnetic forces of the universe in action, which are inherent in plasma in space, but which no eye has ever seen, or ever will be able to see. We can only physically see the consequences of the great cosmic forces. Those consequences are actually amazingly massive, as the story of the ice ages hints at.


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