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No one at the time imagined that large-scale climate changes

A geographer, who reported on his journey through the Alps in the mid 1700s, had noted large boulders in the valley that shouldn't be where they were. He was told by the locals that the glaciers had once extended far down into the valley, which had probably brought the boulders with them. With the 'discovery' of other such boulders in strange places, near glaciers, the idea began to dawn that major glaciation periods had occurred in the past. 

With it, as an explanation, the idea emerged in the mid 1800s that the climate changes for the theorized ice ages, must have been caused by changes in the Earth orbit. No one at the time imagined that large-scale climate changes could be caused by factors that affect our Sun directly. The Maunder minimum hadn't been seen as related evidence then. This connection hadn't been recognized at the time, or it had not been known at the time.

The connection between changes in solar activity and the climate on Earth, is increasingly being acknowledged. This means that it is also being acknowledged in leading-edge circles that the Sun plays a causative role in climate dynamics.

While the causative role of the Sun is still under dispute by some, the theory that orbital cycles must cause the ice ages is likewise still upheld by them, though no real evidence exists in support of the theory. 


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