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Look at the Little Ice Age in comparison

Now look at the Little Ice Age in comparison, which we do have records of. The Little Ice Age represents a half a degree of cooling on the cosmic scale. Sure, on the ground the effect seemed big. It changed the landscape and caused famines. But in real terms, it is almost unrecognizable on the larger scale where we see fluctuations happening that are 40 times as extensive. 

Immensely huge events have cause these gigantic fluctuations. The cause for these enormous effects can only be attributed to the Sun. The Maunder Minimum points in this direction. During the 'tiny' Little Ice Age the Sun had weakened enough to loose its sunspots. For the huge events, we will likely see the Sun going inactive completely, because nothing else makes any sense to have an effect on the enormous scale of the events that we have discovered in the ice core data. 


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