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The great protest movements

The first big opposition movement in the science community, which most people never heard of, started in Germany in 1992 at the University of Heidelberg. It was followed up 5 years later at the University in Leipzig, and then again with a major effort organized in Oregon in the USA, and so on. 

The great protest movements had produced over 50,000 signatures and statements from the scientific community from numerous countries, with numerous Nobel Laureates among the respondents. 

The Heidelberg Appeal, that went out to the scientific community in 1992, was responded by over 4,000 scientists, including 69 Nobel Laureates from 69 countries. It was hoped that such a wide-based voice would have an impact on the policy makers at the Rio Earth Summit. Of course, since the truth was not on the agenda there, the voices from the science community weren't even heard. 

Dr. Ellsaesser states that over 35 organizations had been publicly standing up against the global warming doctrine at the time, whose voices were simply ignored. 


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