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Get the fur coats out of the closet

For the timing, Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, quotes other sources in his paper, that suggest that the transition may occur between 50 to 150 years from the present. More accurate forecasts were hard to make at the time, since the dynamics of primer fields had not been discovered in 2003. However, the professor points out at the end of his paper, that continuous on-the-ground temperature measurements taken at the Solar Terrestrial Institute in Irkutsk in Southern Siberia, have registered a sharp drop in annual average temperature, beginning in 1998, which became later confirmed by the solar measurements of NASA's Ulysses mission, and by corresponding measurements of magnetic pole drift in the high arctic of Canada and beyond. 

And so, Professor Jaworowski. simply suggested, 'The Ice Age Is Coming', 'Get the fur coats out of the closet.' 


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