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The theory is built on a big mistake in perception

The video focuses on a big subject that calls for a big production. The subject is that big, however, it is big only because the theory is built on a big mistake in perception that has affected the shape of civilization more deeply, on a wider front, and for a longer period of time, than any other misperception in the history of humanity.

The mistake in perception actually precedes the Big Bang theory by several millennia, with numerous related effects old and new that are often deemed unrelated, but which, when they are brought together into a single complex, tell a story that cannot be easily recognized otherwise. For this reason, the video became somewhat lengthy. And yes, the Big Bang theory, as a concept of the cosmos, stands in the middle of it all by its role in the larger historic context, in ways that are not apparent when the theory is looked upon, standing in isolation.

To begin, let's look at the theory itself, and the story it tells.


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