Transcript for scene 28 of the video " Big Bang Blow-Out 1: Entropy versus Anti-entropy" by Rolf Witzsche  

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The so-called 'Pillars of Creation'

The so-called 'Pillars of Creation' of the Eagle nebula, are pillars of atomic dust synthesized by a powerful sun located behind each one of the pillars near the top. The Big Bang theory states that the dust of the pillars have created their respective sun as a product of accretion. In the real universe the opposite is true. The evidence is rather simple, that it was the sun behind each pillar that has created the atomic elements that are visible here as clouds of dust and gases. The so-called Pillars of Creation, are pillars of smoke and dust that have been created by an extremely active sun. The sun, thereby, becomes is creative source, rather than the created object, as the Big Bang theory would have it to be. 


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